Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Own Moonstone

This picture is a mock up of the necklace I custom ordered just yesterday from my friend Nicole over at Moonstone Gifts. As you know, I'd been having a little trouble finding a jewelry piece that was just what I wanted and had to resort to a card stock cut out for Autism Awareness Day. But I finally decided on a basic design that I liked and asked Nicole to throw something together for me. Well, I am totally in love with the result! Nicole even checked with me and asked if it would be alright to add this necklace to her store for other customers to order. Of course I said yes, it's too pretty to keep all to myself. So this special piece is now available in her store. And, to top off her fabulousness, Nicole has decreed that "2.00 of every necklace sold will be donated to Amy Brown's familys' team for "Walk Now for Autism Speaks"!" (Yeah, that's our team!) 

I've already been feeling so grateful and overwhelmed with all the support we've been getting from our wonderful family and friends the past few weeks. And this has officially put me over the edge into a sort of giddy weeping. Thank you all for being so wonderful. And thanks again to Nicole and her Moonstone Gifts!