Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning at the Zoo

My wonderfully, awesomely, fabulous mother decided to grant me a wish from my Family Experience Wishlist for my birthday last month. She got me a Family Membership to Zoo Atlanta! I can go and bring my 2 boys and then my pass also lets me bring along 1 other adult and up to 3 other kids. So today we got to hang out at the zoo with the Fairy Godmother herself, Mrs. Anna Armstrong. :-)

Alexander and Jacob were a bit of a handful at times; specifically those times when we stopped walking to look at animals, or you know, stopped looking at animals to walk again. But Anna is awesome (hear that Anna, you're awesome) and we just kind of went at the boys' pace, so I'm pretty sure they enjoyed themselves. All in all, I felt it was a successful outing. 

Thanks again for helping me wrangle those boys, Anna! And thanks again, Mom, for the Annual Pass (can't wait til you get here in a couple weeks so we can go together!)