Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness Day

(If we're friends on facebook, you've already seen these pictures.)

We're lighting it up blue tonight for Autism Speaks. I got blue light bulbs to put in our outside fixtures (crud, I still have to do that!) and I made the boys cute blue Autism Awareness t-shirts to wear today.

And here's a rare picture of me on this blog. I've been hunting for a good Autism Awareness jewelry piece for a couple of weeks but I haven't found the one I want yet. So this morning, in a fit of creative insanity, I dug up a card stock puzzle piece left over from a Silhouette machine venture gone awry, colored it blue and strung it up on a light blue piece of Christmas wrapping ribbon.

Gets the job done. Between that, the ribbon in my hair, and a little sparkly blue eye shadow, I figure people will be more likely to think my outfit is for something instead of just an all blue-on-blue mood. Plus, I can't look too silly when I'm walking with my ridiculously cute boys in their Awareness T's.

I'll try to get a family picture later and a picture of our house lit up blue if I can get my camera to work in the dark. :-)

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