Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yellow Week Day 1

Browsing around on Pinterest the other day, I rediscovered the blog Play Create Explore. Specifically I came across her color of the week series and about flipped my lid (in a good way). The extra bold, bright colors really grabbed my attention. I just love all her tutorials for variations on sensory bins for each week. And I think my favorite idea (one of those, "I think I know why I didn't think of it, but since someone else tried it first, I'll totally give it a shot, cuz it sounds awesome" ideas...) is Color Themed Baths
Photo Credit: Play Create Explore
You take a little food coloring or kool-aid and dye the bath water the color of the week! And then you add homemade dyed and scented bath paint and other color-specific bath toys and let the kids go to town!

So this week we're doing Yellow. (And Loving It!)

If you want to see intensity just watch Alexander with his sensory bin.