Friday, October 21, 2011

Zoo Atlanta

Aunt Carie invited us to come to the Atlanta Zoo yesterday and it was pretty awesome. Alexander and Jacob had never been to a real zoo before (although Deana Rose is definitely fantabulous in it's own right). The weather was perfect for zoo going (at least in my opinion). Mid-50s and mostly sunny. So we had to wear jackets but no one really complained of being cold and all the animals were out and about instead of lying comatose in sweltering heat. Quite pleasant :-)

Alexander and the flamingos

African Elephant

Alexander wanting to climb in the pit with the African Elephant

Boys refusing to look at the camera instead of the parakeets

Meerkats :-)

Cousin T. with Willie B.


"Kanga and Little Roo"

I felt a migraine coming on about halfway through our visit (I REALLY need to see a doctor about those) but thankfully I had had a regular headache the night before and taken Excedrin for that. Having the medicine already in my system staved off the worst of it and I was able to function at a close to normal level. My blind spot went away in plenty of time to drive home so that was good, too. :-). Alexander and Jacob definitely enjoyed themselves so it was totally worth it.

Thanks for the invite Carie! I'm so glad we got to spend the afternoon together and the zoo was so fun!

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