Monday, February 10, 2014

A couple crafts

First - my door wreath. I based it roughly on this etsy wreath I found on Pinterest.

I really liked the sunflowers but I couldn't find white ones anywhere so I went with daisies instead. And I still have the wooden "B" that just never got around to painting itself. But this is the finished wreath I have up when it's not Christmas time.

Yep, all year except December. I figure the daisies can work for spring, summer, and fall. I like that the burlap can be sloppy. The grapevine was brown originally and after I had the whole thing put together, and hung up, I realized my door was brown. Regroup, green spray paint, dry time and done!

And here are my sorta kinda finished silhouette plaques. 

I really wanted to do the silhouettes in vinyl but when the fever took me on Friday, I couldn't find my brown roll. My craft room/master closet is a pit and I was soooo tired of looking and I NEEDED these to be on my wall. So printed card stock had to do. And in that same vein of impatience to get them done and up, I also discovered 3M picture hanging strips that day. I really didn't want to have to bother adding sawtooth hangers to the back of my plaques, so I did some web searching for a decent idea and this popped up. --->

They're like a combo of velcro and snaps (don't know how else to describe it), and I'm a big fan of the Command brand sticky strips in general. No nail holes! I don't know how long they've had these out but I definitely didn't see them last time I was shopping for picture hangers or a never would have bought that huge pack of these puppies. 

But now - I know. :-)


  1. oh my dear seeester...obviously you don't move as much as i do...alas my most recent lease doesn't allow command strips

    1. If you remove them correctly, there would be no way for them to know.