Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year

Behind on blogging as always but here's a quick little update.

I graduated from my massage school program on December 20th. I finished my license application last weekend and am now just waiting for it to be processed and approved. Once I'm licensed, I'll be applying to massage envy and doing in home massages (referral based) for personal clients. I'm also planning on getting a massage chair and traveling around to all the various waiting rooms I've sat in for Alexander's therapies. People in waiting rooms need massages. They just do. If I can get any of the businesses to pay me, great, if not, I'll just set out a tip jar and make sure no one leaves without my business card.

Kevin is still working at Fiserv. He's working on a big project right now that had him working odd hours before the holidays. He was able to take off a couple of days to go for training in Alexander's feeding protocols at Marcus Autism Center and he worked extra hard at home while I was super sick over Christmas and New Years.

Alexander, as noted above, just finished his feeding program (which was 8:30am-3:30pm 5 days a week) at Marcus Autism Center. He's finally getting all the calories and nutrients he needs by eating food instead of just drinking Pediasure all day. His current protocol is for 900 grams of pureed foods and 250 grams of nutrient rich drink but we'll be going back for outpatient visits and trying to work up to table texture on all 16 of his acquired foods. While he was in the feeding program he wasn't attending kindergarten or any other therapies outside of Marcus. We were able to schedule his feeding therapy sessions around the Language and Learning Clinic sessions there so he was able to continue in that and will be finishing up with that program in early February. He's made some progress in verbalizations but we're still working and waiting for him to really start talking. Today was Alexander's first day back at kindergarten and he didn't have any trouble getting back in the groove after his feeding therapy absences.

Jacob was shuffled around quite a bit while Alexander was in the feeding program and I was finishing massage school. He was able to continue in preschool the whole time, though. Today was his first day back after the Christmas break as well and he had a good day. He's picked up quite a few more words, it's just a matter of getting him to use them. I'm really looking forward to being able to work with him more specifically now that I'm done with school myself.

And here is a video of Alexander having a home "Marcus Meal." My mom took the video while she was here before Christmas for my graduation. Like she says, this was taken toward the end of the meal, and he wasn't cooperating as well as he usually does, but it does show him eating, and we're all super happy about that! (And really, I'm kind of dull and not doing the best job at my ABA therapy duties in this clip, but well, this is the video we got.)

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