Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jacob age 2

(I'm skipping the scrapbook page format for now, going with a regular entry. It's better to be able to include video anyway...)

Ht: 2' 8.75"
Wt: 24.75lbs
HC: 19.75"
He's in the 8th percentile for height and weight and the 98th for his head circumference!

Jacob's Favorite Movies:
  • WALL-E!
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Monsters Inc. - He runs and hides around the corner for the first 3 minutes of the movie. I guess he doesn't like the shadow part.
  • Bambi - He loves any part with Friend Owl. Friend Owl makes funny faces.
  • Baby Signing Time 1-4
  • (Really he loves any animated show/movie that he's seen more than once, Wall-E really does seem to be his fav though.)
Jacob's Favorite Activities/Quirks
  • Slides!
  • "The Mini Wedge" - This is one of our nicknames for Jacob because he has followed in his brother's footsteps of wedging himself between Kevin and myself anytime he sees us hugging or cuddling.
  • The Nap Chair - He has a little rocking/reclining chair that he loves to nap in. He sleeps in his crib at night but his one daytime nap is taken most days in that chair. Sometimes I'll move him to his crib once he falls asleep but generally I live by the axiom "If it's not broke, don't fix it."
The Nap Chair
  • Running, Running in place (it's the cutest little wiggle dance)
  • Spinning and plopping on his bottom on the floor
  • Movie commentary gestures
  • When Mommy asks for kisses, sometimes he will pucker up and give her a kiss. Most of the time, he just presents her with his forehead. He can also blow kisses.
  • Sticking his fingers in the vacuum hose while Mommy is trying to use it. (She takes breaks to let both boys do this.)
  • OUTSIDE! - As soon as Kevin gets home from work, Jacob grabs his hand and drags him to the back door and does his sign for "outside". More recently we've made him add "please" and "Daddy". It's ridiculously cute. While he's outside, he likes to run back and forth pushing his big truck around, and up and down our hill. He also likes to pick tomatoes out of Daddy's garden without permission. It's so hard to get mad at him though because he's always so proud of himself!
  • Water! - Sprinkler, Pool, Drinking Fountain, Beach!

Jacob's Signs and Sounds -

Jacob isn't talking quite yet and is in Speech Therapy through Babies Can't Wait. They work with him on all kinds of communication. Most of the following he's actually picked up in the last month and a half (since his 2nd birthday).

(This video was taken more recently than this post was originally written, so you can see that his sign for Mama has evolved ever so slightly)
  • Mommy/Mama - Index finger/fingers tapped to mouth/chin - "Buhbuh" (The "M" sound is hard for him.)
  • Daddy/Dada - Fingers tapped on side of head - "Dehdeh" "Dehdee"
  • Milk - Squeezes his hand in fist (actual sign) - No sound
  • Outside - Squeezes his hand like the sign for milk, but up by his head - "uh iiide"
  • More - Index fingers and thumbs squeezed together and tapped together in the middle - No sound
  • Please - Strokes his hand over his chest/shoulder - "eeeeease" "geeeease"
  • All Done/Finished - holds hands up and twists (close to real sign) - "uh uhn"
  • Pacifier/Binky - Index finger/fingers tapped to mouth - "Beebee" Not to be confused with "Buhbuh"
  • In - "eee"
  • Up - "uh"
  • Bye - Waves - "aye"
We sure do love our Jacob Boy!

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