Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look familiar?

Kevin’s mom came over yesterday and she was commenting again about how much Alexander looks like Kevin. 

2 (2)Alexander

4 (2)4 (1)

7 (1)7 (2)

10 (2)9 (2)

And then there’s me and Jacob

5 (1)5 (2)

Whadda you think?


  1. eh they are similar but certainly not twins. I think your boys are a nice blend of both of you, Alexander's nose is different and his chin is longer than those pics of Kevin - his face more of your shape. of course, a picture is never exactly what we look like and he may have manifested traits that she is familiar with and sees in addition to the resemblance. that bottom pic they don't look much alike at all besides (according to Asher said) they both look sad and they have the same ears.

  2. I'm amazed that I didn't recognize how similar they looked earlier. The question is how much of Kevin's personality did he inherit?